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The hotel of  Domain of Tameslohte:  

The Domaine de Tameslohte is a charming hotel in  Marrakesh

The Domaine de Tameslohte is a  Hotel in Marrakesh

Small  Family hotel  in  the countryside of marrakech

hotel coliving in marrakech

A house  of hosts  of charm in Marrakech:  

The Domaine de Tameslohte is a guest house in Marrakech

The Domaine de Tameslohte is a  Charming guest house in Marrakech

The Domaine de Tameslohte is a  Small hotel in Marrakech

The Domaine de Tameslohte is a hotel with a  Pool at  Marrakesh.  

The swimming pool  heated  from the Domaine de Tameslohte to  Marrakech is open to external customers

The Domaine de Tameslohte is a hotel and  Spa in Marrakesh.

The Domaine de Tameslohte spa is open to external customers.

The hotel spa in Marrakech includes a  Turkish bath.

The hammam at  Marrakech is at the Domaine de Tameslohte.

A guest house where you feel "at home".  

A charming hotel where you feel at home.  

Best value for money in Marrakech.  

A hotel in Marrakech with good value for money.

A unique and family atmosphere in Marrakech in Morocco.  

A bucolic atmosphere 15 minutes from Marrakech, in the  Marrakesh countryside.  

A riad in the  countryside  from Marrakesh.

A large riad with a family and bucolic atmosphere in Marrakech.

To do  from coliving in marrakech to the domain of tameslohte

coworking space, meeting room, free wifi in marrakech

coliving stay at  Morocco

A Spa :  

The hotel has a hammam and a massage room.

The hotel has a spa.  

The Domaine de Tam hotel is a  Family hotel in  Marrakesh.

The family hotel of the Tameslohte estate was built 20 years ago.  

Villa rental is possible at the Tameslohte estate.

A heated outdoor swimming pool:

The hotel offers the  Pool day at  Marrakesh.  

Day pass at  Marrakesh

Pool days are open to outside customers.  

the  day  pass allows the customer to spend a day at the pool and have lunch at the hotel restaurant from  Domain  of Tamesloht. The swimming pool is  open to all for only 350 MAD per day per person.  

Children can access the family pool at the Tameslohte estate.  

The outdoor pool at Domaine de Tameslohte is heated.  

The swimming pool of the domain of tameslohte in marrakech is 10 m long.  

The hotel's swimming pool is in the middle of the garden of the Tameslohte estate.  

A swimming pool open to outdoor customers in Marrakech:

The hotel/guest house welcomes customers  outdoor for a day lunch and swimming pool.  

The hotel restaurant du domaine de tameslohte offers offers for the day: pool day and spa and relaxation day.

With its large swimming pool, the Tameslohte estate welcomes you from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. It is possible to have breakfast at the Domaine de Tameslohte and relax at the hotel swimming pool by purchasing a day pass which  will allow  also  to have lunch on  square.

A bohemian spirit garden in Marrakech:  

A bohemian garden in Marrakech with a swimming pool, a jacuzzi and a hammam.  

Its bohemian garden and swimming pool make it an ideal place for lunch as a couple, with family or friends. The countryside of Marrakech is the ideal place to enjoy the peace and beauty of Marrakech. The Hotel du Domaine de Tameslohte is ideally located in the countryside of Marrakech. It is a country hotel where you can relax and enjoy the calm.  

Sunday brunch in Marrakech  

The Domaine de Tameslohte offers brunches in Marrakech. The brunch at Domaine de Tameslohte is varied. Follow the Facebook and Instagram account to be notified of brunch dates at the hotel. The Sunday bruch at the Domaine de Tameslohte is a  unavoidable  that should not be missed.  

Don't know what to do this Sunday? Come for lunch, dinner or brunch at the Domaine de Tameslohte. The children will be  delighted to be able to take advantage of the hotel's heated swimming pool and enjoy a good authentic menu.  

Looking for lunch in Marrakech?  A good authentic Moroccan restaurant in Marrakech? Come to the Domaine de Tameslohte. An authentic restaurant that offers you a lunch worthy of the name. Take advantage of the midday break to have lunch and relax at the Domaine de Tameslohte.  

The hotel  restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Moroccan and French gastronomy on the menu. Homemade cooking in Marrakech.  

A romantic dinner at  Domain  from Tameslohte to Marrakesh. Brunch Marrakech - Lunch Marrakech - Dinner Marrakech - Restaurant Marrakech - Moroccan Restaurant Marrakech - French Restaurant Marrakech -

Healthy and organic cuisine in Marrakech

products from permaculture, homemade dishes in marrakech at the tameslohte estate

Desert Marrakesh  Accommodation


The hotel is located in the region of  Marrakech near the Tameslohte district.  

It is 10 minutes from the Agafay desert, a sumptuous desert in the region of Marrakech.

We could compare the hotel to a large riad in the city center of  Marrakesh  but with the calm of  countryside.  

We organize weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties for young girls. Everything is possible. The place lends itself  wonderfully for bohemian, country weddings, and living a real  fairy tale. Traditional weddings are also organized there by Emmanuelle Mariages. The privatization of the place is possible from 25000 MAD.  

In addition to weddings, you can also enjoy it as a golfer on one of the most beautiful golf courses in Marrakech such as Samanah Golf, Royal Palm Golf or other.  

Golf in Marrakech  

course, golf lessons in marrakech

stay  golf  in Marrakech

hotel  close to the golf courses in marrakech

organize your golf course at  Morocco

Golf is one of the must do in Marrakech. With good weather 90% of the year, it is a golfer's paradise. We also organize your tailor-made stay with transfers to the golf courses, half board, green fees  and anything that makes you happy. We want you to feel at home.  The old Auberge de Tameslohte is an ideal place to stay and enjoy all the activities in Marrakech. You can take advantage of all the sports or relaxation activities at the Tameslohte estate thanks to all of our partnerships

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